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www leafenergy us LCDEV T28 BORN TO DELIVER www leafenergy us t28

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THE T28 THE T28 DELIVERY E MOTORBIKE AIMS TO LEAD THE WAY FOR THE 2 WHEEL ELECTRIC DELIVERY VEHICLES The T28 is our powerful electric delivery Motorbike that is purpose built for being on the road for multiple trips It has multiple choices of Lithium battery sizes in addition to a special balanced cargo frame It is designed and built with the Zero emissions standard in mind it s a fully electrical silent vehicle that s way ahead of its time FURTHERMORE IT IS DESIGNED FOR CUSTOMERS THAT REQUIRE A REMOVABLE BATTERY SCOOTER TO EXTEND THE RANGE SINCE MANY BUSINESSES AND OPERATORS NEED TO KEEP THEIR FLEETS ON THE ROAD TO FULFIL THEIR CUSTOMERS REQUIREMENTS LEAFENERGY PRODUCT CATALOG 2

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The T28 Delivery Motorbike uses a 60 Volt removable lithium battery system and can be upgraded to accommodate the user s requirements As a result there are more battery options to help ensure range capabilities The 3 000 watts brush less motor provides strong climbing ability and instant acceleration The Motorbike can be fitted with optional reverse to assist with the weight if the cargo has a full load 60 VOLT 20 AMP HOUR SILICON BATTERY 3000 WATT BOSCH MOTOR HEAVY DUTY SHOCK ABSORBERS DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DOUBLE SIDE STAND DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS STANDARD REVERSE GPS TRACKING SYSTEM OPTIONAL SERVICE INTERVAL TRACKING LEAFENERGY PRODUCT CATALOG 3

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MOTOR BATTERY Battery Size 60 Volt 40AH Motor Type BOSCH Brushless BLDC Optional Size 72 Volt 60AH Power 3000 watt optional 5000 watt Battery Type LICMB 18650 cells Additional Option Configurable diagnostics Removable Yes Frame type High Grade Steel Alloy Number Batteries 1 Speed Up to 90 Km h Charge Time Instant Charge Time Instant LEAFENERGY PRODUCT CATALOG 4

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A VISION BROUGHT TO LIFE IN THE LAST MILE DELIVERY INDUSTRY RANGE Range STANDARD Up to 150km 94 MILES BRAKES Speedometer Digital Reverse Standard Stands 2 X Side Stand Center stand Seat Single Opening seat Front Brake Disc Throttle Hand operated Rear Brake Disc Indicators Yes Lser Head Light Yes Laser Rear Cargo Box Yes Thermal Bluetooth Diagnostics Standard GPS Tracking Standard High Speed Adjustable WHEEL SIZE Front and Rear 13 inch 13 inch LEAFENERGY PRODUCT CATALOG 5

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BRANDING YOUR BRAND YOUR IDENTITY During the design process our design team will follow the guidelines for your brand in order to ensure that the final product reflects your brand identity LEAFENERGY PRODUCT CATALOG 6

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Designed for multiple trips the T28 is a powerful machine built for multiple trips The battery size can be chosen from several options In order to ensure that EVs are on the road as soon as possible and make deliveries without interruptions this product is designed specifically for companies and fleet operators LEAFENERGY PRODUCT CATALOG 7

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Our parts are built for industrial and commercial use ensuring long term viability Our motors are built to withstand heavy usage without the need for expensive maintenance LEAFENERGY PRODUCT CATALOG 8

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LEAF GO EV MOBILE APP It is essential for logistics providers to have complete visibility and control over last mile operations They need a system with a customizable delivery dashboard that communicates critical information to supply chain professionals and assists them in making optimal decisions This is what last mile tracking systems offer Live Tracking Track your orders in real time with LEAF GO EV live dashboard Our last mile delivery app GO EV helps your delivery fleet with their pickup and drop off requests Control Tower Application A birds eye view of your entire operations made available to you for visualizing and tweaking scheduled plans via three key metricsgeography time vehicle fleet Geofencing Leaf s proprietary geofencing technology monitors each fleet units in real time into precise geographical coordinates helping fleet operators monitoring their fleet activity around the clock Route planning This feature allows you to visualize your plans on a screen in the post planning session It allows you to look at your plan via three different metrics geography time vehicle and tweak your plan accordingly to ensure better productivity Single screen for multiple leg movement LEAFENERGY PRODUCT CATALOG 9

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